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  • Beautiful log cabin to enjoy summer days in your garden

    Elegantly designed log cabin The design of this summer log cabin is adapted to sunny weather. It comes with large windows to allow a maximum of sunlight inside. Glazed doors are included for even more sun exposure. No matter where you are inside of your summer house, you can enjoy a great view of the surrounding area. This makes it an ideal garden house because it lets you keep an eye on your garden from a calm resting place. The roof of the log cabin is stretched over the front patio to provide shade. You get a bright and cool place to sit outside all day. It also protects against rain. Built for all seasons This log cabin house is ideal for the summer but it is also built to be used all year long. Weather it is a cold winter night or a wet autumn evening or a scorching hot summer day, t... (More)
  • Henry's Devon log cabin

    When Henry contacted us he was intending to purchase a wooden garage as a workshop where he could create his reduced plan models (what an interesting hobby indeed!). However, after we had discussed his idea, Henry decided that a Devon log cabin would suit his needs better than a garage as it has more windows and is as spacious as the garage. Also, Henry would be able to use the log cabin as a leisure room or garden office as well. When the time came to deliver the log cabin to Henry’s place, it appeared to be that the gates into his yard were too narrow for the truck carrying the cabin package to pass through. But thanks to our skilled hauliers this issue was sorted out by simply lifting the package over the fence using the crane that all our trucks are equipped with; meaning the log cab... (More)
  • Two-Car Wooden Garage Shelters Both Of Your Vehicles

    Built to last The two-car wood garage is built with dense timber. This makes for a log cabin that is protected against rotting and moulding. This garage features heavy duty doors supported by galvanized steel, they are impact resistant and do not easily wear from frequent use. The roof is reinforced in order to resist sagging. The windows are double glazed, providing better insulation and noise reduction. Your wooden garage can be easily kept at cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter. Multifunctional log cabin When used as a garage, this log cabin is spacious enough to fit two cars very easily, with each one having its own door. Once inside, there is enough room to manoeuvre without worrying about bumping into the other car. You can easily open the doors to ge... (More)
  • Classic Wooden Carport Made with Conifer Wood

    High Quality Log Cabin This log cabin comes in a classic design which makes it a very elegant sight. Made with all natural conifer timber, it has a rustic yet sophisticated look. This carport will add value to your home without being costly. The Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce used makes this wooden carport very resistant to decay. With proper care and adequate treatment, your wooden garage will remain in excellent condition for a very long time. It is very weather resistant and will stay in great shape from one season to another. Have Us Install it for You In addition to making the parts for your wooden carport, we offer the option to have us install it for you as well. Indeed, we have highly skilled professionals who can complete the installation of your log cabin along with any adde... (More)
  • Daniel's log cabins (Sussex)

    At first Daniel ordered a log store - tractor garage, which is ideal for using as dry premises at any time of the year. We‘re not sure if it's the quality of the product or the joy of assembling the cabin that helped Daniel decide to purchase a second log cabin from us within just a few weeks of his first one, but so it turned out that Daniel filled the empty plot next to his house with a bespoke Clockhouse cabin. As the only available space to erect the cabin was under trees, Daniel had to be sure that any dripping water would not affect the cabin, therefore he went for 66mm thick walls. Solid walls and double-glazed windows make this log cabin perfect for using all year round. We hope Daniel will enjoy his Clockhouse cabin and tracto... (More)
  • Tips You Need to Know Wishing to Protect Your Wooden Garage from Damage in Winter

    Wood is arguably the best element when it comes to constructing a structure. Whether it is a residential log cabin or a wooden garage, the quality and the durability of such structures is high. Wood has several properties that make it a preferred choice for building homes, hospitals and even wooden garages. But just like any other building, wood too is vulnerable to the climatic conditions that affect its strength and structural cohesion. Winter is a season that can be extremely harsh and can easily damage wood. Hence, it is important to protect your wooden garage from getting damaged during winter. Choosing the Right Quality Wood This is the first and the most important step in ensuring that your wooden garage remains strong and face the harsh weather in winter. Selecting timber that is ... (More)
  • For Maximum Comfort and Longevity- Residential Log Cabins

    Compact and Spacious Log Cabin This house is designed to take up the least space while still giving you the impression that it is very spacious inside. The interior is divided in three main areas that you are free to arrange based on your needs. You can comfortably fit two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, without ever feeling like you are in a crowded space. In fact, you will still be able to move comfortably from one room to another. The high ceiling inside the residential log cabin Hymer makes you feel like you have a lot of free space. If you want to enhance this feeling of spaciousness, you can also add a roof window as an extra option. A veranda is added to the front of the house to provide an extra lounging area on beautiful sunny days. Thick Wal... (More)

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