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  • The Advantages of Insulated Log Cabins During the Cold Period

    Insulated log cabins have tremendous benefit for physical and mental health. When it comes to selecting an abode that resembles living in close proximity with nature, nothing can beat insulated log cabins. These cabins are made of wood, reduce the consumption of energy, have natural insulation properties and help reduce the impact on the environment. The wooded structure and the surrounding garden soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Due to their insulating properties, insulated log cabins are the best place to live in winters or other cold periods when the temperature falls. Let us take look at some of the advantages of living in an insulated log cabin during cold periods. Natural Insulating Properties Insulated log cabins, as the name suggests is made up of wooden logs. Wood has treme... (More)
  • Dave's Insulated Log Cabin (Stirlingshire)

    Dave from Stirlingshire was looking for a very special place to feel comfortable, warm and cosy during windy, rainy and cold winter days. He didn't know what to expect before buying one of our ‘OAK’ log cabins as he hadn‘t ever seen one in real life before. However, once the installation had been completed Dave was more than satisfied with the result, as he received a completely insulated cabin with solid twin skin walls and PVC windows and door.We believe this log cabin will be a very nice place to sit in at any time of the year for his office work, coffee time, wine evenings and even for an afternoon nap. We wish Dave th... (More)
  • The Main Things You Need to Know About Plumbing in A Garden Cabin

    A garden cabin is an amazing habitat for those who love nature and want to reap the benefits in terms of physical health and mental wellbeing. It is indeed the right choice as a residence that has significant benefits. The clean and fresh air exhumed from the garden, the smell of the lovely flowers in the garden and the relaxing atmosphere are the primary characteristics of a garden cabin. Although a garden cabin is a symbol of a natural life, it is neither constructed or maintained by the nature and requires proper management and maintenance activities to ensure that it remains in the right condition. Plumbing is a very important part of the structure of a garden cabin and requires the right design and appropriate maintenance to ensure that it functions efficiently for a long time. Outsi... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin Scoot, 44 Square Meters of Paradise

    Built with the finest Scandinavian pine wood, these log houses allow you to have all the necessary rooms without taking up a lot of space. You can easily fit up to two bedrooms, while still being able to have a large room for the kitchen, with dining and lounging areas. In case you only require a single bedroom, you can use the extra space for a full bathroom. You will not find a more economical and long-lasting log cabin on the market. What Our Typical Log Cabin Looks Like Each log cabinis built with not one, but two large adjacent rooms. This extra space is conveniently designed so that you can use it as desired. Therefore, you can set up a storage area or put in beds and other furniture, or even appliances. A residential log cabin SCOOT is isolated from the ground elements thanks to... (More)
  • For your rest during the whole year - Residential log cabin

    A residential log cabin is the nicest and the coolest place to live. Residential log cabins are free from any distractions and hectic lifestyle that have become a very common part of the modern day city life. Image source: The attractive wooden structure that forms your log cabin and the feeling of living a natural life make living in a residential log cabin a truly wonderful experience. Residential log cabins usually have ample space around them that can be used to build a beautiful garden with large varieties of flowers, fruits and even vegetables. The pollution free air and clean environment around your residential log cabin have a profoundly positive impact on your health. A residential log cabin is an ideal place to live in all seas... (More)
  • Increase Your Productivity with The Insulated Garden Office Devon

    If you work for home and are tired of being cooped up in a tiny room inside, you might want to consider moving your office into the garden. You can find great deals on garden offices in your area like an insulated garden office Devon. This article will explain why it is a great idea to work closer to nature and help you decide if the insulated garden office Devon is right for you. What is a Garden Office? A garden office is an outdoor structure much like a shed, but one which has been specifically designed to be used as an office. This means that, like in the insulated garden office Devon, it will have been fitted with double-glazed windows so that you can be comfortable inside regardless of the whether outside. What are The Benefits of The Insulated Garden Office Devon?    *  Garden o... (More)
  • Tips You Need to Know About Heating in Residential Cabins

    A residential cabin, surrounded by a lush green garden that oozes out a sense of calmness and tranquillity, is the best place on earth to call home. The style, beauty and comfort of residential cabins cannot be challenged by any other type of abode. Living in a log house has several benefits including improved mental and physical health. A major reason for the health improvement is the fact that residential cabins are quite cosy and comfortable and provide a stable internal climate without any fluctuations or without getting affected by the external weather. In cold climatic conditions, residential cabins provide natural insulation from cold climate outside but under very cold conditions, it is important to implement measures to heat the residential cabin from within. There are few tips... (More)

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