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  • Craig's Log Cabin (Braintree)

    Craig wanted to have a wooden cabin where he could relax reading a book or having a glass of wine. He wanted something compact, nice and good value of course. The Clockhouse 4m x 3m log cabin was the one Craig liked the most, so he decided to go for it. The log cabin was installed in the backyard. As it is a compact cabin, Craig decided to use adjustable PVC pedestals as an alternative to an expensive concrete base. After the cabin was erected, our assembly guys insulated the roof and floor with Celotex insulation boards and lai... (More)
  • How to Prepare Your Wooden Garage for Rainy Autumn

    Living in a log cabin gives you a unique and unmatched experience. To enhance the beauty of your wooden abode further, you can plan a beautiful garden around it. Also, instead of a garage built from traditional material such as concrete or cement, constructing a wooden garage will add immensely to the beautification of your wooden cabin. A wooden garage, just like your wooden cabin has a long and durable life. Wood is the most robust and resilient naturally occurring material. Autumn is the time of the year when the pleasant climate starts turning into a more extreme winter, and the temperatures start falling rapidly. It is also the time when there are sporadic but heavy rains that can cause severe damages to your log cabin, the surrounding garden as well as your wooden garage. Hence, it ... (More)
  • Inside Activity Ideas During the Stay in Your Residential Log Cabin in Autumn

    Residential log cabins offer a unique and healthy lifestyle. Apart from the health benefits, living in a residential log cabin is fun and enjoyable. Different seasons bring with them different joyous experiences. Wooden cabins enable you to live in proximity to nature and therefore, you can enjoy each season. Autumn is a nice time to relax and enjoy the time. Winter, which is the next season, may not allow you the luxury of having a great time due to the extreme cold. Hence, autumn is the best time when you can spend some quality time with your family and friends outside your log house – in the garden or inside the cabin indulging yourself in fun activities. Not just children but even adults can have fun this season. Hosting a Party You do not need a special occasion to throw a party.... (More)
  • Useful Tips on How to Make Your Garden Cabin as A Best Rest Place

    Your garden cabin is a perfect retreat where you can enjoy living a life close to nature. Away from the buzzing noise and pollution of the city life, a garden cabin is a perfect medium to improve your physical and mental health. The serene environment around a garden cabin helps improve your mood that further improves your health. While your garden cabin would already have all the required ingredients to make it a perfect oasis, you can make the experience even better by making a few enhancements. Garden Theme You can select a particular theme for your garden such as a Japanese Garden theme and accordingly add its elements to the garden. Similarly, there are several other types of themes you can consider. Selecting a theme makes a garden perfect. Every individual element acts as a part of... (More)
  • William's Wooden Garage (Essex)

    William from Essex is a passionate classic car enthusiast. He has a fantastic 1967 Chevrolet Corvette C2 (possibly the last one officially sold in the UK) and a wonderful classic Jaguar. So William needed a sturdy and reliable garage where he could keep these two priceless beauties. A wooden garage  6m x 6m double was a very cost effective option, and moreover thanks to the timber, such a garage prevents condensation from occurring, which is very important for such classic cars. William had prepared the concrete base in advance, so it just remained for our installation team to erect the garage, paint it in white and lay the bitumen roof shingles on the roof. Meanwhile, William arranged the garage for his cars. Knowing William’s passion for his classic cars, we were honoured he chose us ... (More)
  • Advantages of Living in a Residential Cabin During the Cold Period

    Residential cabins offer a unique and relaxed lifestyle that is good for physical and mental health. The serene environment provided by a residential cabin is unmatched. Living in a residential cabin has several advantages that enable you to live a peaceful life. Due to its very nature and characteristics, residential cabins offer several advantages. Irrespective of the season, a residential cabin is a comfortable abode to live, and those who live in it are protected from the harshness of the weather outside. Winters can be tough and if not dealt with properly may result in various health related issues. Living in a residential cabin during winter has several advantages. Longer Life of the Residential Cabin Wood is a naturally occurring material and can withstand harsh weather conditions.... (More)
  • Some Interesting Ideas How to Use Your Wooden Carport

    A wooden residential cabin is incomplete without few external elements that add to its beauty. A beautiful garden and a well-designed wooden carport significantly add to the attractiveness of a wooden cabin. A carport is not just a parking spot for the cars of the residents of the cabin; it is an essential element of the entire setup made from natural elements such as wood. Being creative with the wooden carport makes the whole structure look unique and magnificent. Building a Carport with Sloping Roof Instead of using a flat roof structure for your wooden carport, you may instead choose to build a carport with a sloping roof. Even under the sloping roof, there are several options that you can consider depending upon the size of your carport. A sloping roof, as compared to a flat roof giv... (More)

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