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  • This Couple Travelled Across America in Their Little Mobile Home on Wheels

    Image source: Bored and tired of their routine lives, Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard decided to travel across the United States of America in a very unique and stylish manner. Accompanied by Salies their dog, this couple embarked on their journey travelling in a little mobile house that has wheels! Image source: The two have been together for over two years and it is already six months since they are travelling throughout the country. For supporting their lifestyle, which is similar to that of a nomad, the couple engage in writing and photography as sources of income. They built the mobile house after saving a little money and then started their travel that has taken them to several parts of the country. Image source: Th... (More)
  • Why to Consider Log Cabin House as Your New Home?

    Image source: A Log Cabin House is not merely a collection of woods; it is a highly efficient abode and those who desire to live close to the nature or reduce their impact over the environment find log cabin houses to be the right choice. The benefits of living in a log cabin house are immense and we have endeavoured to highlight a few of them to help you take the right decision.    1  Natural Living onditions For someone who wants to live a natural life away from the pollution of large cities, a log cabin house is a suitable option. Wood is naturally available in nature and the logs used for the construction of log houses are from the trees that are already dead. It is therefore recycling of nat... (More)
  • 5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Residential Cabin

    Image source: A log house is a brilliant method to live in the lap of nature and enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy and peaceful. The serene and clean environment offered by a log cabin is unmatched and for those living in overcrowded cities will find living in a residential cabin a boon. The freshness of the air and the tranquil ambience, far away from the pollution of the city is indeed one of the best ways to live. However, before you consider leaving your concrete abode in the city and moving to a residential cabin away from the city, there are few factors which must be meticulously considered before you take the leap. Let’s look at some of the most important points that you must consider while buying a residential cabin:    1  Location of the Residenti... (More)
  • Wooden Garages: More Space to Your Home

    Image source: Your home is your castle as they say. It is the place where you eat, get your much needed rest, entertain guests and hang out in your non-working hours. To say it is the center of your life would be a huge understatement. Most people make their homes livable but there is one thing that they often lack; that is a large amount of storage space for your things that tend to accumulate over time. Redesigning your home to add storage space is an expensive option that can often not even be done due to structure and yard limitations. Source: A good way to get that extra space you need in your home is to build a new wooden garage. Here are some advantages that building a wooden garage gives you besides just providing added storage.    1... (More)
  • Michael's Wooden Garage 6m x 6m (in Devon)

    There is nothing better than a garage for keeping your car safe. Michael from Devon was of the same opinion.  So after doing his own research and making a number of phone calls to a number of garage suppliers he decided to go with our offer and purchased a 6m x 6m wooden garage. Michael particularly wanted to have a wooden garage in order to avoid moisture condensation inside (a common problem with metal garages).  Utilising a natural material was also an important criterion for choosing a timber structure. We had this particular garage in our warehouse in Eastleigh, so delivery only took 5 working days. The second day after delivery our assembly team arrived and started the installation on the concrete base which Michael had had laid in advance. The garage was installed and treated wit... (More)
  • 6 Steps To Ensure a Long Life for Your Log Cabin Homes

    Image source: There is no doubt about it; log cabin homes make some of the most beautiful homes you will ever see. It must be said that it is not only their looks that make them desirable but their sturdy construction plays a factor too. Along with that though is also the fact that they still are indeed made of natural wood. Wood needs to be cared for and protected throughout the years to keep it looking nice and to keep it from decaying. Here are some steps that will help insure that the wood your log cabin home is made of lasts a long time. STEP 1: Pressure Wash it at least Once a Year Your log cabin’s wood really needs to be kept free of such things as dirt, debris and bird poo; these things trap moisture where it should not be and can definitely accelerate the woods ... (More)
  • Log Cabin Homes: Ecological and Durable Choice

    Image source: These days there are basically two kinds of housing construction. There are the standard constructed wood frame houses that are most commonly framed with soft pine wood and the much sturdier homes that are framed by interlocking timbers that are used to build log cabin homes. Needless to say, there is little comparison in the two types of homes as far as durability goes. So if you need a reason why to consider a sturdy economic friendly log cabin home the next time you build, you can’t get a much better one than how solidly constructed they are. Here are some very compelling reasons to build a log cabin home the next time you want to build a new home.    1  Renewable Resources For those of you that are into helping the world become a greener pl... (More)
  • 7 Tips to Ensure A Long Life for Your Wooden Garage

    Image source: Log cabins look beautiful and unique due to the wooden construct and to enhance their looks further, building a wooden garage accentuates the beauty of a log cabin even further. However, just like the rest of the cabin, wooden garage also requires appropriate maintenance in order to ensure a long life for it. Wooden garages, even under the worse of conditions can last up to 10 years. However, if maintained appropriately, their life can be increased by another 10 to 15 years thereby making them last for even 20 to 25 years. By following few tips, you can ensure long life for your wooden garage:    1.  Initial and timely treatment of the wood Wooden garages can last much longer if they are appropriately treated at the time of their installation and also periodica... (More)
  • 8 Tips on How to Make a Japanese Garden Next to Your Log Cabin

    Log cabins can be termed as the most natural abodes that provide for a natural and healthy living. The lawn around your log cabin can be used efficiently by converting it into a beautiful garden that will be a great source of fresh air and serene environment. One of the best forms of garden to have around your log cabin is a Japanese garden. They are constructed by assimilating traditional Japanese elements into a unique blend that results in a garden that creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Below are few tips for making an attractive and beautiful Japanese garden around your log cabin:    1  Entrance and fencing of the garden Japanese gardens are not just beautiful and attractive but also make efficient use of the element of mystery. Their structure is generally enigmatic... (More)

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