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  • How to Prepare Your Log House for the Autumn?

    Image source: Log houses provide for a healthy life allowing you to live in the lap of the nature. However, living close to the nature also means that there are several seasonal variations and accordingly the log cabins require maintenance activities. It is important to identify the right kind of activities for the maintenance of your log house for a specific season and follow a procedure to execute them. Following the right process and doing things right is critical for ensuring that your log house and the surroundings, including the garden are well maintained and prepared for the next season. Log houses require due care in autumn Therefore as autumn approaches, it is critical to ensure that the right maintenance activities are followed. The advent of autumn means that the tem... (More)
  • Colin's Wooden Carport (Hampshire)

    It‘s very convenient to have a garage or a carport in which you can keep you car, boat or bike secured from such factors like birds attacks (yes, you know what we have in mind), dust, rain or even snow. Many people appreciate such advantages and this goes for Colin from Hampshire. There are two cars in Colin’s family, so he needed something bigger than the average carport. Therefore, he chose a wooden carport double with an integrated shed. This kind of carport is big enough to cover 2 sizable vehicles and provides plenty of indoor storage space for such things as tyres, tools, lawnmowers or any other kind of stuff. We had this wooden carport in stock so we were able to deliver it to Colin immediately and our assembly team installed it within a day. We are very grateful to Colin for ... (More)
  • How to Choose a Perfect Site for Wooden Carport

    Image source: Wooden building is a representation of style and elegance and they are symbol of a natural lifestyle. The wooden carport if not constructed properly can hamper the unique style and beauty of your wooden carport. It is also important to determine the material that should be used to construct a wooden carport. The most appropriate material for a carport to make it look compatible with your log cabin is wood. A good quality timber can give the right look and style to your wooden carport and helps contribute positively to the beauty of your cabin. While constructing your carport, it is important to understand the perfect location for it. Carports ar... (More)
  • 7 Tips Budget Friendly Garden Cabin Decoration

    Image source: Garden cabins have grown in popularity as a preferred abode for many who want to live a life of peace and calmness. Garden cabins due to their structure and the surroundings offer a serene atmosphere that is helpful for improving the mental health of the people living in it. Garden cabins have successfully made the life healthy of their inhabitants and this habitat allows for the most natural living environment that people can expect. This is the reason for the growing demand for garden cabins. The impact made by a garden cabin is not just dependent upon the wooden logs that constitute the cabins but also the interiors and the objects used to decorate them. Below are the few budget friendly decoration tips for mak... (More)
  • How to Stain Your Wooden Garage

    Image source: There are few things that look as good when they are properly maintained as a wooden garage or any other type of building made out of wood. The keyword here is the words ‘properly maintained’. Wood is susceptible to having such things as dirt, mold and mildew collect on it just like any other type of building material.  It needs to be periodically sprayed off and every few years it needs a nice coat of stain put on it to protect the wood and enhance its natural looks. Here is how to go about staining a wood building such as a wooden garage. Gather the Tools You should have available when you do the job such things as a good pressure washer, some fine grit sandpaper for wood, TSP substitute, cloths for cleanup, several short and long handled stain brushes,... (More)
  • Why Log Cabin Is an Eco-Friendly Choice?

    Image source: A log cabin is an environmentally friendly way to live in the lap of nature. Modern lifestyles have made it difficult to enjoy being a part of nature and live in harmony with our planet. The buzzing city life, over crowded cities, pollution and improper dietary habits have all contributed towards making life difficult and unhealthy. Log cabins offer a way to escape the nuance of the city life and live close to Mother Nature. A log cabin offers the kind of life full of peace and comfort and help reverse the damages caused by the unhealthy living habits. Made from natural material Image source: Log cabins are made from elements that are naturally available and do not include any synthetic material such as plastic, chemicals or any other harmful or ... (More)
  • Selecting Site for the Wooden Cabins

    Image source: You have looked at and researched all kinds of different home construction types. After carefully considering the benefits, drawbacks and looks of each; you have decided that a wooden cabin is a perfect fit for you. But hold on for a second; you can’t buy nice wooden cabins until you find a place to build it. Here is a list of things to consider when selecting a site to build wooden cabins. First of all before you decide where you want to build, you have to realize that wooden cabins are very sturdy and durable and they can be built in any climate or even places with adverse weather conditions, so don’t worry about those things. As a matter of fact, cabin homes have a well-earned reputation of standing up to mother nature virtually unscathed when oth... (More)
  • Robert's Custom Log Cabin (Yorkshire)

    With a little help from my friends is not only the name of the famous song, it is the way Peter installed his custom made garden office Devon 5m x 3.5m  - with the help of his good mates. Peter wanted to have a functional log cabin for his leisure time. He was considering a couple of options from our range and finally went for the bespoke log cabin Devon which is 5m long and 3.5m wide and as it's under 2.5m in height, Peter avoided any troubles related to planning matters. We are very happy that Peter is enjoying his log cabin and we wish him the best of luck and comfort for the coming years. Th... (More)
  • Holiday Wooden Cabin – a Perfect Building for Your Rest

    Image source: The fast past world you live in today can be pretty unforgiving at times and you need to give yourself a break sometimes. Just like everyone else, from time to time it’s a good idea to give your body some badly needed rest and recharge your mental batteries. If you are the type of person who likes the outdoors or living near a lake or river, then a holiday wooden cabin or second home just might be the perfect getaway for you. Here are some reasons why a holiday cabin makes the perfect weekend home or vacation getaway. Holiday Wooden Cabins are Practical and Sturdy You will find few types of construction that make more sturdily built homes than those made out of carefully interlocked wood logs. People have incredible storiesto tell about how their wood log... (More)
  • How to Do Plumbing in Your Residential Cabin?

    Residential cabins help with healthy living by providing the most natural ambience and living conditions. However, constructing a residential cabin is more complicated than building a regular traditional house. One of the most complicated and difficult part of constructing a log cabin is the identification and installation of the plumbing system. The plumbing system requires due consideration and planning because it is essential to have a system in place that allows for easy draining of sewage water out of the cabin and bringing clean and fresh water into the home. It is also critical to ensure that the plumbing should not be faulty to result in the mixing of fresh and sewage water and there is no water logging. For transporting fresh water from the fresh water source like the storage or... (More)

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