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  • Carolyne's Wooden Garage

    Carolyne from Eastleigh was looking for a garage that would be big enough to house two cars, a lawnmower and her other things. However, due to height restrictions Carolyne wanted to reduce the ridge height of the garage in order to avoid planning permission application. Because we have the option for most of our cabins and garages to reduce the ridge height to 249 centimetres, we were able to do this with Carolyne’s wooden garage as well in order to comply with all the planning regulations. We know that the garage door has to be the strongest part of the garage, so we supplied two sets of heavy duty garage doors which ensure that all Carolyne’s belongings will remain safe. For the roof covering, Caroline decided to go for the green bitumen shingles, which was a great choice because it... (More)
  • Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wooden Garage in Spring

    If your garage door is maintained properly, it will give you years of trouble free service. However, people tend to ignore the regular maintenance part of a garage door and they don’t even clean it until it starts to give them some major problems. You can buy a door in steel, wood or fibreglass, but with all of these you need to take care of the maintenance part. If you do take proper care of the door, it will not only operate properly, but it will also add years to the life of it. If you have a heated garage, then the door will keep the temperature in check. A door that is properly maintained will have the right seals to keep the air from seeping in. A door that is not maintained may have a broken or cracked seal that may allow air to seep inside, causing the temperature inside to fluct... (More)
  • Make Every Holiday Throughout the Year Special with a Log Cabin

    Many urban families dream about getting away from the high pressure surroundings, concrete landscaping and fast pace associated with the modern urban lifestyle. Today, people want to have a holidaying experience where they actually get to enjoy the laid back lifestyle that also gives them a chance to experience something extremely different from their routine. People less and less want to visit amusement parks, sunshine beaches and stay in luxurious hotels. Even though, these holidays give a nice break from their everyday routine, they are not very helpful for reconnecting with each other as a family. Due to their busy schedules, people now look for holidays that can give them an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and where they can get away from all of life’s hustle and e... (More)
  • Tips to Create a Cosy Log Cabin Interior

    Wooden cabins, totally unlike traditional brick and concrete homes, have a very different look and feel. No matter whether your log cabin is located in the woods or in an urban area, it gives you a very unique living experience, providing you the opportunity to experience a comfortable and contented lifestyle. It goes without saying that when decorating a log cabin everybody wants to keep the interior cosy and comfy. So, what exactly should one keep in mind when decorating the log cabin to give it a cosy look? Well, there are a number of things that one should consider when decorating a log cabin. And to make the task easier for you, here we have a few really important and simple tips that will help you achieve the desired results. However, before we proceed further, it is important to kn... (More)
  • Create A Hanging Garden Next to Your Log Cabin Using These Simple Tips

    Gardens have always been attractive to homeowners all across the globe. People use the available space outside their home to create a cosy, lush, blossoming garden. A garden outside your house can easily give your house a facelift and make it look more extraordinary and beautiful. But today, due to limited space outside the house, a lot of people find it hard to create their own gardens. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that just because you don’t have enough space outside your wooden cabin, you can’t have your own garden. Thankfully, there are others ways. One such creative way to have a garden next to your log cabin is a hanging garden. A hanging garden, as the name suggests, is a garden that is not made horizontally. All the plants are grown in planters and those planters are hung... (More)
  • The Advantage of a Terrace for Your Residential Cabin

    Today, outdoor entertainment areas like a patio, gazebo, terrace, or decking have become one of the things that numerous homeowners would like to have due to the innumerable advantages that they offer. An outdoor entertainment area is usually described as an outdoor extension or floor area of a house which can be used as an additional living space. The terrace of your residential log cabin not only helps you spend some time in the midst of nature and experience the warm rays on your skin on a winter’s morning, it also allows you to use it for a number of other purposes. Usually, people don’t realise the importance of a terrace in their residential log cabin. If you also have a nice, spacious terrace in your residential log cabin and you see it just as an additional space in your house,... (More)
  • Insulated Log Cabin for Kittens!

    Nicola from Charlbury needed a place to accommodate her cute kittens which would also fit in her garden. So the Nica insulated log cabin 5m by 5m was the perfect option, as it fitted into her garden perfectly. Nicola needed to have 3 rooms, so the layout of the cabin was modified accordingly. As the kittens were to live in the insulated log cabin all year round it had to warm, so the twin skin fully insulated structure with double-glazed windows and doors option was chosen. After the cabin arrived, it was installed in two days, treated and the kittens were ready for their new accommodation (What a lovely ones, aren't they?). We want to say a special thanks to Nicola for the pictures and the positive ... (More)

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