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  • Get to Know All About Wooden Carports Before You Buy One

    Today, most homeowners are attracted to pocket friendly solutions when it comes to making their house more functional and comfortable. For example, when considering getting a shelter for cars, the option of a carport is certainly budgetary when compared to a garage. Although, it doesn’t offer the same comprehensive protection as a garage, it is sufficient for keeping vehicles protected from severe weather conditions such as heat, snow and rain. If you are worried about finding a carport (if you do not want to have a garage) to fit your budget, we advise that you plan cautiously. Considering every aspect will help you to make the right decision regarding the carport that meets your requirements. Firstly, it is important to understand what a carport is and how it is different from a garag... (More)
  • Why You Won’t Regret Investing in a Durable Wooden Carport

    Do you want an enclosed storage for your vehicle but you don’t want to invest in a garage and keeping your car parked on the street is not a good idea either? Your car can be exposed to various harmful elements when parked on the street ‒ the harmful rays of the sun can damage the finish and there are other risks involved, such as kids hitting your vehicle accidently while playing. Due to all these reasons, most homeowners who don’t own a wooden garage find a wooden carport a great option. Carports are an excellent and affordable alternative to the traditional garage. There are two main models of wooden carports: semi-attached and standalone. As it is not an enclosed type of structure it has no need for a lock feature, thus it is easy to build and install. Also, adding a carport is ... (More)
  • Tips to Prepare Your Residential Cabin for the Summer Season

    Summer means green leaves, sunshine and vacations, but summers also mean scorching heat and dry spells. In summers, if you are not planning a vacation to an exotic holiday destination, then you will spend most of your time in your log house watching movies, playing video games and having fun. But, if your residential cabin is not prepared for the summer heat then spending the time in the house can be really uncomfortable ‒ probably dripping in sweat. In such circumstances, preparing your house for the summers is essential. Though logs are known to be natural insulators, residential cabins still need some type of preparation before summer in order to keep your home super cool. Here we look at a few really simple and effective ways to prepare your residential cabin for the summer seas... (More)
  • Julian's Uzes 2-Bedroom Residential Log Cabin

    Julian Gladstone was looking for a chalet to be situated out in the countryside in France, where he and his family could spend their vacation. We advised him to take a look at the Uzes residential log cabin. With its 58mm-thick walls and reinforced roof joists making this log cabin very solid and stable. This residential log cabin consists of two bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen and bathroom, meaning it is just perfect to spend weekends or holidays in it. As a result Julian found this log hosue very attractive for him and subsequently ordered it. We made it, had it delivered within 5 weeks and installed within 3 days. And here is the result ‒ the pictures speak for themselves. We are very proud and happy that Julian is satisfied with his residential log cabin and we look forward to ... (More)
  • Reasons Why You Should Install a Garden Office in Your Garden

    For most people the most tiring part of their office routine is the distance that they travel daily and the traffic that they encounter in order to reach their office and then home. There are thousands of people who spend hours travelling just to reach their office. However, these days more and more people have started to work from home. Today, a vast amount of companies give their employees the flexibility to work from home. And working from home is definitely easier, more trouble free and effective if you have a dedicated space for an office. If you are looking for a garden office, you can buy them at our shop here. Whether you run a business from home or you want to operate your office from home, you need to have a personal, cosy space where you can give all your time to work without b... (More)
  • Simple Ways to Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom in Your Residential Log Cabin

    Are you considering decorating one of the bedrooms of your log house  for your teenager but, you are confused and clueless about how to proceed further? Certainly, decorating a teenager’s bedroom can be daunting, and the task could be even more difficult if you want to decorate it for your little princess. You need to make sure that she feels comfortable in what is necessarily her sanctuary. A teenager’s bedroom is a very personal haven where her ambitions and dreams take shape. It is where a girl can explore her feelings, express herself and create her own style. Therefore, it is necessary that you plan your teenager's bedroom very wisely. Usually, when it comes to decorating a residential log cabin to create the perfect bedroom for a teenager, people feel they have to limit their... (More)
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Wooden Garage with These Maintenance Tips

    Wooden garages are increasingly becoming more popular due to their sturdiness and natural beauty. Logs are a heavy duty material that is perfect for constructing such structures. A garage made from wood will certainly last for a long time. Moreover, they increase the value of your house and make it more beautiful. Concrete and metal garages are also popular but they don’t usually make your outdoors beautiful. As wooden garages add more value to your home and property, if you decide to sell your house, you will be able to get a better price if you have a wooden garage. So, they are also great investments. But it is important to understand that your job as a homeowner is not limited to just buying a wooden garage, you also have to maintain it and offer it proper care, in order to maintain... (More)
  • Residential Log Cabin in France by Our Customer

    Mr Jardine was looking for a residential cabin in the countryside in France that was big enough for his large family to relax in during the weekends. We advised Mr Jardine to get the residential cabin Hymer with 66mm walls. And it was a great choice indeed as Mr Jardine wanted to have two separate bedrooms and one large living room for the whole family to hang out in during breakfast or summer evenings on the terrace. The solid 66mm double tongue & groove profiled walls ensured both the solidity and the natural insulation of  the residential log cabin. Meanwhile, thanks to the reinforced roof construction, the whole structure remains safe regardless of any storms or other possible natural happenings. We want to thank Mr Jardine for the photos he has send to us. Please see more pictur... (More)

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