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  • Insulated Log Cabin Alex in Abergavenny

    From now on we will be posting pictures with short descriptions about cabins that our customers have installed and shared with us. Let‘s start with Peter from Abergavenny who bought the Alex insulated log cabin. This particular insulated log cabin was erected in the back garden and let‘s face it, it looks great. Due to its great design the Alex insulated log cabin blends perfectly into the environment. And thanks to the Twin Skin structure (44mm wall + 50mm insulation boards + another 44mm wall, double-glazed windows and doors), this wooden chalet comes with great insulation and low U-values, and thus can be used all year round. The mezzanine floor provides extra space to put all one‘s belongings in, or it could even be used as a living space (e.g. a mezzanine bedroom). We want to... (More)
  • Common Plumbing Problems in the Log Homes and How They Can Be Resolved

    Nothing can be more annoying in a place of living than plumbing issues. Though plumbing issues are rare, they can strike anytime and mostly when you least expect them. Irrespective of whether you are in a new home or an old log home, you can still run into some log home plumbing problems. It is always best to resolve the problem as soon as it arises. Fortunately, for the most part you can fix the problems yourself without the costs and hassles of hiring a professional plumber. Here we list some of the most common log home plumbing issues together with tips on how they can be resolved. Clogged toilets: Possibly the most common and probably the most serious plumbing problem a homeowner can run into is a clogged toilet, especially if you only have one toilet in your log home. Clogged toilets... (More)
  • Factors That Decide the Energy Efficiency of Log Cabins

    Log cabin insulation has always been a topic of debate. However, today after several studies have been conducted to find out about the thermal insulation of log cabins, individuals have started considering insulating their log cabins for even better results. Fortunately, people have realised the importance of insulation in a log cabin, thus manufacturers have also launched a range of insulated log cabins to help homeowners enjoy a cosy and comfortable living setting as well keeping heating and cooling costs low. The National Bureau of Standards’ Test has verified the Energy Conserving “Thermal Mass Effect” for heavy log walls in log homes. The study was conducted by the NBS (National Bureau of Standards) for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the DOE (Departme... (More)
  • Know It All About Log Home Staining

    It is a well known fact that in order to keep your log home looking great and protected from extreme atmospheric conditions and UV rays, providing a few coats of a great quality exterior stain is important. Stains not only provide a polished and rich look the specially prepared formulas can actually provide a layer of protection for wood to fight extreme exposure to UV light and a number of harmful weather conditions like high winds and rain. Some stains are specially formulated to prevent mildew and repel insects. (More log home products can found here) You will be surprised to know that now you get a huge choice of log home stains. Gone are the days when brown was the only choice you had for wood stains. Manufacturers now provide a huge array of colors, from forest green to ocean blue a... (More)
  • Useful and Effective Tips for Painting A Wooden Log House

    Your log house can be one of the most important purchases you make in your lifetime. Thus, if you don’t want it to deteriorate over time, it is essential for homeowners to use quality wall paints, in order to maintain its quality and beauty. However, the decision to painting a wooden log house is not always easy and neither is making the choice of paints or deciding whether to do it yourself or hire the services of a professional. Here is a list of some really important points and tips when painting a log house. By following these tips you can easily make the job of painting fun and interesting. Which Section of the Log House Needs Colour? For every section of the house, there is a paint that is formulated specifically for that particular surface to last in the conditions where the ... (More)
  • Debunking Log House Maintenance Myths (Part 2)

    We have already discussed some of the very popular myths about log houses. But there are many more myths about log house maintenance that are just myths and have no relation with the facts. So, let’s try and find out more about log house maintenance myths. Log house maintenance is a one size fits all task:  Usually people think that all log houses are the same and so are their maintenance requirements. But both these things are far from reality. Log house maintenance requirements differ depending on the manufacturing standards, the quality of the logs used and how well you take care of it through the years. Also atmospheric conditions and the products you use to maintain the newness of your log walls ultimately decide how much repair and restoration will be required and how often. This... (More)
  • Debunking Log House Maintenance Myths (Part 1)

    Log house maintenance has always been a topic of debate. As you have landed on this page, it probably means that you are trying to establish the facts about log houses before you actually buy one. There are lots of things that a person comes across when looking for information about log house maintenance. But most of these are rumours that have been spread by individuals who are in the business of making concrete houses or individuals who have never lived in a log house. Nevertheless, making a decision based on these rumours wouldn’t be a wise decision. As a result, it is crucial that you know what the facts are and what things are unfounded rumours. To help you we will debunk some log house maintenance myths. A log house is tough to maintain: One thing that is sure is that log homes a... (More)
  • Choosing Plants for A Miniature Garden Near the Log Cabin

    If you think you need a huge amount of yard space to grow a garden, then think again. A miniature garden or mini garden is the best solution for every person who wants to have a garden of their own. Whether you live in an apartment or a cosy log cabin and you want to have your own lush green, beautiful garden, you can easily get one by creating a miniature garden. A mini garden is a way to garden indoors and outdoors when space is limited. Also, you can consider planting a mini garden if you think you won’t be able to give the time required to maintain a larger garden due to your personal and professional commitments. With a mini garden you can create complete worlds in just a small container or a pot of say a square or two or a spot carved in your bigger garden. Now, when it comes to c... (More)
  • How to Maintain Your Garden Next to Your Log Cabin Throughout the Year

    Not many people take as much joy in maintaining a garden as they do in creating one next to their log cabin. But, it goes without saying that maintaining a miniature garden is crucial if you want to keep it as fresh as it looked in its first spring. If you take the job of watering plants or removing weeds or turning the soil as a job that needs to be done, then it will definitely consume a great part of your mind and make you feel stressed. But, if you look at gardening as a leisure-time fun activity or as a hobby, then gardening can actually help you relax and loosen up. Gardening is an activity that you will definitely enjoy, especially when you see the butterflies dancing on the flowers, or flowers taking shape as fruits and veggies that can enhance the taste of your food. Nevertheles... (More)

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