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  • Great Garden Lighting Ideas for A Beautiful Log Cabin Exterior

    Image source: A log cabin set up in the middle of a garden, is liked by people all across the globe. The log cabin in itself is a very beautiful and appealing structure and when located in the midst of a green space, the backdrop it creates is simply awe-inspiring. A garden log cabin adds style and glamour to any house. But, generally, people think that installing a log cabin is enough to decorate the garden and make it stand out. However, you need to work on a number of other elements as well in order to add to the beauty and charm of your garden and log cabin. Garden lighting is one really crucial element to keep your log cabin exterior beautiful. Not everybody understands that by lighting your garden in a different way, you c... (More)
  • Log House Wooden Décor to Retain the Rustic Look

    Image source: People who generally invest in log cabin homes are the ones who want to live with sophistication and also have an intense love for nature. Whether the log house is traditionally designed, located in a scenic location, or a completely modern model in a metropolitan setting, the fact that you are surrounded by several forms of natural forest tree trunks is something that people and homeowners love so much. It is a very cosy experience being surrounded by the ambiance of natural logs and one would definitely enjoy the serene effect of log homes. As a result, when it comes to the interior of a log house, homeowners want to retain the natural and rustic look and feel of their house. Additionally, the thought of making a statement about one’s personality and ta... (More)
  • Different Types of Garden Buildings and How to Choose One for Your Garden

    Image source: The garden is always a place which is very comforting and has all the beauty of nature. As a result, spending some time in the garden daily can be very refreshing for you. Everybody should spend some time in the garden with their loved ones, away from the technical gadgets and gizmos that many of us are addicted to. The best thing you can do to enjoy the natural beauty of your garden all year round is to install a garden building. However, you could be overwhelmed when looking at the different types of garden buildings available on the market that can add style and function to your outdoor. Moreover, this huge variety of garden buildings also makes it little difficult and daunting to choose one that can be easily accommodated in your garden as ... (More)
  • Which Log House Foundation is The Best One for You?

    Image source: When building a log house, the foundation is one of the most important features to consider. This is a section of the house that you have to get right first time, because once the walls and roof are erected on the foundation, there is no way you can make changes. Faults in the walls and roof can be changed at any time, but the foundation ‒ this is simply impossible. So, when building a log house it is very important that you know about the various types of foundations and choose one that best suits your needs and requirements and helps you live happily and comfortably in your house for years, centuries and generations to come. Remember that the choice of foundation also depends on the properties of ground level and soil type on the building site, as well ... (More)
  • Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Holiday Log Cabin

    Image source: The United Kingdom is a very popular tourist destination. Tourists and globetrotters from all parts of the world visit the UK especially in the autumn to witness the heavenly beauty of the place and relax. The beauty of the UK is at its peak in autumn when the trees’ leaves turn to deep reds and orange and the low golden sun creates long shadows. However, the weather in the UK is a little unpredictable. In such instances, when planning a holiday, individuals look for the right type of holiday accommodation. They know that by choosing the right type of accommodation they can be assured of having a lovely relaxing holiday, irrespective of the weather outside and as per tourist’s preferences, the perfect type of holiday accommodations is that of holiday ca... (More)
  • Wooden Garages: An Environmentally Responsible Choice Within Your Budget

    Image source: A garage is not just a place to shelter your vehicles from the rain, snow, bird droppings, dirt and dust; this is the place where you keep your belongings, either to make space in your house or to keep dangerous things out of the reach of children. Whatever the reason, one thing for sure is that only really a few people use their wooden garages just to park their cars in. In almost every home, garages serve a multitude of purposes. In such instance, why not invest in a garage that can benefit you in even more ways. Thinking how? Simple by investing in a wooden garage rather than a steel garage or a concrete garage. Fortunately, many housing companies have come forward to help people carry out a lifestyle that is environmentally aware and many housing companie... (More)
  • Things to Consider When Selecting A Site for Residential Log Cabin

    Image source: The thought of buying a new log cabin is extremely tempting and exciting. But it is important that in all the excitement and joy, you don’t forget about the crucial factors of building a dream log home. Remember, the decision of owning a log cabin is an extremely important one, not only financially but also in number of other ways such as how exactly you plan to use your residential log cabin and what you expect from it in the longer run. As a result, proper planning and moving one step at a time is essential. You probably have a floor plan for your dream residential log cabin, but before you set your heart on a particular design for your cabin, you should know where that home is going to be located. If you already own a piece of land, you will need t... (More)
  • Four Reasons Why Insulated Log Cabin is A Must

    Image source: With energy bills seemingly always higher than the previous bill, and electricity and gas prices rising, there has never been a more appropriate time to make your log house more energy efficient with easy solutions. Thermal insulation is one of the most effective solutions. By installing or upgrading the thermal insulation of your home, you can cut hundreds of pounds from your energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of your house. Generally, when it comes to maintaining a moderate temperature inside a log house all year round then the first thought that comes into one’s mind is buying cooling or heating devices. But people often forget that these devices are not only expensive, they will also inc... (More)
  • Inclusive Log House Planning Guide – All Your Questions Answered

    Image source: Every year millions of people dream of owning a log house. Indeed, the popularity of log cabins has been increasing over the past few years. However, the reality of it is that only a few people actually make the complete transition from dreaming about owning a log cabin to actually building one. There are some very major reasons why only some thousands of new log houses are built each year. Here we will be discussing a few really important points and factors that will make any new log house project a success. How to Avoid Turning Your Log Home Dream Into A Nightmare According to log home experts, the secret of building a successful log home lies in the acronym COPE. Cope stands for: Communication, Organisation, Persistence, Enthusiasm. Communicat... (More)
  • Log Cabins and Natural Disasters

    Image source: For every person their house is the safest place where they fell most protective. No matter how bad the weather conditions are outside, one always feels secure and out of harm’s way in one’s home. In such instances, when it comes to buying a log house, then lots of people doubt whether log cabins will be able to provide the necessary protection in extreme weather conditions? Heavy winds, snow, tornados, hurricanes etc. are some of the very dangerous natural disasters that often can’t be avoided, however, by investing in a durable log cabin you can prevent damages and ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe and sound, irrespective of how bad the scenario is outside your house. In terms of log cabins surviving natural disasters, they are known ... (More)

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