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  • Use Stone and Bricks to Give Your Residential Cabin A Facelift

    Sometimes, living in the same interior setting for several years makes life stagnant and dull. In this scenario it is essential that from time to time you change the interior decoration of your residential cabin. The interior and exterior decoration of a residential cabin assists in enhancing its look and feel and makes it visually impressive and attractive. It also adds vivacity and freshness to a gloomy looking residential cabin. Nowadays, in order to make a residential cabin look appealing and beautiful, people prefer to do the interior of their log home on their own, instead of hiring the services of a professional. In such instances, stones, bricks, marble, natural stone etc. are a good option. As residential cabins are completely made of logs and timber, by adding bricks and sto... (More)
  • How to Revamp The Exterior of An Insulated Log Cabin

    Insulation is essential for a log cabin, especially if you want to use your cabin all year round. This applies to studios, home offices, workshops and many more uses. Insulation helps in keeping the cabin warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Though logs are quite good thermal insulators themselves, by insulating a log house you ensure a more comfortable living environment and it helps you cut down on your utility bills. Moreover, these days the energy efficiency of a building and environmental issues are very important due to increasing heating costs as well as more strict construction requirements. Now, when it comes to insulating a log cabin it can be done either by covering the external walls of the house, both from the inside or from the outside, using an extra layer of insulation m... (More)
  • Tips on How to Build A Passive Solar Log Home

    Not everybody knows what a passive solar home is, and as a result not everybody is able to use this concept for their benefit. If you are also clueless about passive solar log homes and don’t know how to build this type of log cabin, worry not, here we will be discussing everything about a passive solar home in order that everyone can benefit from them. What is A Passive Solar Log House? A passive solar home is designed to take the utmost advantage of the sun for winter heating, while at the same time providing enough shading for summer cooling. Passive solar homes are designed to increase southern exposure. The house is generally located in a way that the main living areas of the house are located on the south side of the house. Solar access can be maximised by orienting the house in a... (More)
  • Building A Wooden Carport Can Be Easier Using These Tips

    Today if you consider building anything, even something as simple as a timber carport it seems a lot more complicated than it did earlier, despite the fact that today a number of advanced and easy to work with tools and apparatus are available and even construction materials are easily available. But now you have to consider things like your local building regulations, getting permission from your neighbours, the weather you where you live and most importantly your budget. As a result, when considering building a carport, proper planning and forethought are crucial. You can start by deciding the material that you want to use to build your carport. The two most popular choices are metal and wood. Generally, people prefer using wood when building a carport on their own. Wood is not only eas... (More)
  • Features of An Ideal Wooden Garage

    Garages are extremely popular all across the globe. They are popular because they can be used for numerous purposes, today they are used for way more than just parking vehicles. Nevertheless, the choices are almost unlimited when it comes to garages ‒ because of their differing uses there are various types available for different types of people with different needs. Certainly, for a variety of reasons, some types of garages are better than other types. It all depends on what the exact need of the person is. Each type of garage is ideal for different reasons. They can be made using steel, plastic, wood and others. To get the right type of garage first you must be sure about your requirements, then you need to carry out some research. Knowing about every available option will help you ch... (More)
  • Things to Remember When Building A Porch in A Log House

    There is something magical about porches. If you have a porch in your house, you can stay closer to the outdoors as well as experience the change in weather and the beauty of the different seasons. The feeling of warm sun rays falling on your skin on a winter’s day can’t be expressed in words. Similarly, drinking in the night hum of frogs, crickets, and wind chimes on a summer’s night is another great way to relax and unwind.  Feeling the cool night breeze, watching the fireflies and stars enables you to forget about everything else in the world. All these things make a porch, a favourite place for many homeowners. Lots of people enjoy sitting on the porch bird-watching, taking in some beautiful scenery and relaxing around the pool, as porches offer great flexibility of use. Log ho... (More)
  • Your Guide to Wooden Carport Designs

    When your four wheeler is parked on the street it is exposed to number of damaging elements, such as exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, which can contribute to the gradual fading of the finish. Also, there is huge risk of scratches and damage ‒ if your car accidently gets hit by any hard object like a baseball or a skateboard from kids playing on the street then it will definitely be damaged. Bird droppings are another problem when your car is parked on the open street. Due to all these reasons, most homeowners consider getting some kind of shelter for their valuable vehicle or vehicles. When it comes to buying and erecting a car shelter then most people have two choices. The first is a garage and second one is a carport. Choosing one amongst these can be really difficult. If we talk... (More)
  • Helpful Tips on How to Build Your Own Wooden Carport

    Usually, people living in the country have space problems. Also, another thing that really bothers people living in the country a lot is the fact that there are a lot of birds flying around. In such instances, people every day find their cars covered in bird droppings. As a result, they have to get the dust and bird poop off the car every time they want to use their car to drive somewhere. This makes owning a wooden carport really essential. Carports are standalone structures that are useful for protecting cars and other vehicles from bird droppings as well as other elements like dust and dirt. These structures are either freestanding or built on top of secure foundations. If you also park your vehicles outside and birds faeces and other elements are also a trouble for your car and you, t... (More)
  • Why Insulated Log Cabins Are Worth Your Money

    Recently homeowners have become more aware of the significance of good insulation. Although, it has always been said that one should do one’s bit for the planet, there is more to this sudden interest than just a greener planet. With the key concern of homeowners being perhaps the increasing cost of energy bills with no end in sight, it is important to reduce on spending as much as possible. The better insulated your house is, the less energy you use which lowers energy bills. When talking about insulation, why do we never mention log homes? A gigantic range of fully insulated log cabins are available at extremely competitive rates and people all across the globe are finding their comfort and peace of mind in them. Here we discuss further the benefits of insulated log houses and why they... (More)
  • Convert Your Wooden Garage into The Ideal Workshop Using These Simple Tips

    It is an established and well-known fact that log cabins can be used for a variety of purposes. The log cabins available on the market today are extremely spacious and durable and because of this, by organising things effectively, you can use a log cabin as a garage, a garden shed, a kids’ playroom, office and even as a functional workshop. For a lot of  wooden garage owners, the garage serves a dual purpose – a place to park the car and a work area or workshop. This is especially true for log cabin owners who love to work on DIY projects. If you are into arts, woodwork or DIY converting a space into your own workshop is a great way of not only utilising the space effectively, but also maximising your space. If you are considering converting a garage into a good looking and functiona... (More)

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