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  • Wooden Garage Maintenance: Keeping Your Wooden Garage Beautiful

    It is a well-known fact that wooden garages, when compared to concrete garages, do not require as many building materials. Additionally, the laminated log cabins available these days are durable, eco-friendly and easy to maintain. Wooden garages are easy to maintain but they do need to be maintained in order to prevent the wood from decaying prematurely and to maximise their length of service. Log home maintenance is different from regular home maintenance. There are several issues concerned with log cabins or garages made of logs than the regular hardwood floors and concrete walls in homes. If you have a wooden garage then you have to take into consideration the proper care and maintenance of the log materials. Check the ceilings, walls and the floors regularly and decide if you need to ... (More)
  • How to Increase the Beauty of Your Log House Using Wood, Metal and Stone Elements

    One of the latest trends in log house décor is the seemingly contradictory idea that a rustic interior design can be modern. Even though, generally, people associate rustic design with farmhouse plans and contemporary design with glass, metal and modern construction, it is wrong to believe that modern and rustic design elements can never be complementary. On the contrary, combining the two types of design elements can be a very good way of decorating a log house. Side by side with sleek modern décor, rustic touches work very well. The term “rustic” is not so much about an ordinary lifestyle; it is more about using the elements of nature to decorate the interior. Like using relaxing and warm earth tones and including natural materials. Combining country and modern décor plans for d... (More)
  • Your Guide to A Perfect Wooden Garage Interior and Exterior

    If you have a small house, your wooden garage or shed is a storage lifeline. It is the place to keep the things that are not used so much, large stuff, outdoor supplies, seasonal décor or anything that just does not fit in your house. As it is often used as a storage room, your garage can easily become a cluttered mess if not properly organised. Fortunately, you can design the interior of your garage according to your needs and requirements. But as far as the exterior of a wooden garage is concerned, it is exposed to the elements all day every day, which makes it crucial that you buy a wooden garage that is sturdy and durable. Certainly log cabins do need maintenance, but if it is bought from a reputed and established manufacturer who guarantees the best in every way, then maintenance be... (More)
  • Keep Your Log Cabin Looking Beautiful Using These Restoration Techniques

    Nobody can deny that some of the most amazing homes in the UK from the last century up until today are the ones made of logs to create a cabin or family home. The excitement and joy of living in a log cabin is unmatched. Wooden log cabins give one an opportunity to step back in time to a slower pace of life, along with giving that rustic feel. In addition, you can easily customise them according to your lifestyle and give it them a cosy and comfortable look and feel. Moreover, with log cabin restoration you can keep your log home in tip-top condition. Log cabin restoration is an essential part of the overall log home experience. Enjoying the beauty of a rustic setting is very pleasing, but neglecting or delaying regular maintenance could turn rustic into a wreck. Generally, homeowners ... (More)
  • Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Log House

    Its December already, finally the best and most awaited time of the year ‒ Christmas time and the holiday season is here. Christmas is the best time to meet and greet your loved ones; it brings out the holiday spirit and the feeling of joy in all us. This time brings lots of good times and cheer and one of the most exciting things during this period is the tradition of decorating your log houses. Decorating residential log cabins during this festive season is one of the most fun times for kids and one of the most nostalgic moments for adults. Every year, people like to decorate their residential log houses in a new style to welcome friends and family. People like to give the best look to their interior as well as their exteriors. They want to ensure that their house looks just perfect a... (More)
  • Give Your Log Cabin A Contemporary Fresh Look with These Decoration Ideas

    Log cabins have been around from centuries, but the best part about these structures is that they have been revolutionised with the passing of time and the changing needs of society but still a few things remain the same, such as their sturdiness, durability, appeal and ease of maintenance. The residential log houses available today combine the antiquity of yesterday with the updated amenities of today. Earlier, log cabins were built by cutting down trees with an axe and stacking them to create a structure. Usually, the roof was made of logs and sod. Cracks in the walls were filled with clay, grass, etc and the floors were made of straw or dirt. But now modern log homes are readily available on the market. Modern log home plans are much different from the log cabin plans that were availab... (More)
  • The Rich History of Log Cabins

    Log cabins may have gained immense popularity over the past few years, but they have actually been around from centuries. Log cabins have a rich history and they are known to have been in existence for almost 5000 years. Without a doubt, they have gradually acquired a more contemporary and luxurious look, but earlier they were a small abode made of logs built to get protection from the elements. We all are very much aware of the features and benefits of the residential log cabins that are available today, but hardly any of us know about their history, so here we’ll discuss some of the history of log cabins and find out how they have been helping people of various ages to meet their shelter requirements. It is believed that the first log cabins were built over 5000 years ago in Northern ... (More)
  • Advantages of Owning Prefab Log Cabins

    Generally people think that log cabins kits and houses are great only for a weekend getaway located in woods or forest areas. But the reality is something different. You may be surprised to know that ninety percent of log homes are the primary residences of their owners, with over eighty percent situated in and around metropolitan regions. Wood is a great natural resource for building residential cabins. It is self-renewing and harvesting wood is also less damaging to the environment. Also, it is easy to work with when compared to stone, brick, concrete, aluminium, steel or glass. Log cabins basically come in two types ‒ manufactured and handcrafted. Handcrafted log homes require expert skills; craftsman shape, strip and custom fit each log in its place, which is often very time consum... (More)
  • The Importance of Thermal Insulation in A Log Cabin

    There are a plethora of heating and cooling devices on the market these days, but still more and more people emphasise the need to incorporate thermal insulation in the construction of buildings and roofs. Does this make you wonder why there is such a big fuss about thermal insulation? Well, in the fight against global warming, thermal insulation is vital for energy conversation and serves as a barrier to the cold during winters and heat during summers. Installing insulation in your log cabin can considerably reduce your energy costs and prevent weather damage due to bacteria and moisture. Common signs of improper insulation include structural damage from moisture and high energy bills. Fortunately, manufacturers now present you with thermally insulated log cabins making it easier for you... (More)
  • An Alternative Extra Room - Wooden Garage

    Not everyone considers a garage an important and essential addition to a house, especially if a vehicle is used extensively and almost all day the space allotted for parking the vehicle lies empty. But, one can’t deny the fact that proper parking space is essential. A nice covered parking area doesn’t only protect your vehicle from dust, dirt and burglars, it also give your house a very proper and systematic look. In addition, a proper parking space is important if you have kids in your house and the available free space that is supposed to be their play space is being used by you to park your car. And also when gorgeous looking, spacious, sturdy wooden garages are easily available at pocket friendly rates then getting an ideal parking space for your car is also very easy. Now, we are... (More)

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