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  • Some Excellent Reasons to Choose A Log House

    Today, if you look closely at the real estate market, you will find that there are new varieties of modern houses available that individuals are very interested in investing in or living in. Log homes are one of these modern houses. Log houses are not just tiny cabins in the woods, but as the name suggests they are nicely built homes. You will find that log homes are just as beautiful and huge as some of the other traditional houses on the market. Residential log cabins are extremely popular amongst people who prefer to live in the cosiness that is provided by living in log houses. Log cabin homes as the name suggests are made out of timber and high quality lumber. These houses give residents an opportunity to live in a pleasant environment that uses natural resources to build a unique h... (More)
  • Keep Your Wooden Garage Warm in Winters Using These Effective Techniques

    When it’s cold outside and the roads are covered with snow and the temperature is continuously dropping, it becomes important that you keep every nook and cranny of your house warm and cosy. In such instances, keeping your log or wooden garage warm also becomes extremely important, especially when you use your wooden garage for a multitude of purposes (for more information about wooden garages click here). In areas where temperature gets really low, it often becomes difficult to keep a wooden garage warm. If you have been struggling to keep your log cabin warm and cosy, and you have been failing in your efforts, then worry not, here are few really effective and successful ways that can help you keep your wooden garage warm and comfortable. Close and seal all windows: Primarily and most... (More)
  • Planning Permission Requirements for Your Wooden Garage and Other Outbuildings

    As soon as one thinks about assembling a log cabin or wooden garage, the thought of planning permission or building permit immediately comes to mind. Certainly, it is extremely important that you find about any building permits before you invest in a log cabin. Here, we will be discussing the various planning requirements for a wooden garage that will help you understand and learn about the rules governing outbuildings. Nevertheless, consulting your local planning authority is highly recommended. Under UK planning laws, garages are referred to as ‘outbuildings’ along with greenhouses, sheds and other outer structures. Planning permission for garages differs from property to property. For example, if you reside in a Listed Building, you are not allowed to construct any outbuildings on ... (More)
  • Things to Know Before Painting Log Cabin

    Time to time we need to update log cabin's exterior. Facade is the main side of the log house attracting glances and telling about the owner. The changes of house appearance depends on budget you are going to spend. Painting is cheap and one of the most popular way to renovate wooden buildings. Here you will find some useful tips how to paint your timber house facade, the main steps of surface preparation, painting works and ideas how to make beautiful front appearance. Preparation:    *  At first you need to determine the state of the building. If you're going to repaint the old wooden surface, than you should remove a former and detached layer of paints with a scraper. Scrub the gross surface with a sandpaper until it becomes matt. Later clean the dust with a brush and if its necess... (More)
  • Hunter’s Style Decorating Tips for Log Cabins

    Log cabins are getting immensely popular all across the globe, in such instances if you want your log cabin to stand out and have an exceptionally unique look and feel, then it is important that you design its interior thoughtfully. You can also choose a theme to design the interior of the residential log cabin. Fortunately, there are varieties of great themes available to make your task easier. One of the rarest and extremely classy themes is that of hunter’s style log cabin. Hunter’s style log cabins are known for their rich, classy and rustic look. You can also try giving your timber cottage a hunter style interior and impress your guests. Here are few tips that will help you decorate cozy cabin of your dreams. (If you don't have a log cabin yet, you can find more useful informati... (More)
  • How to Fight Against Wooden Pests?

    We all know where the wood for construction comes from. Forests are always full of other living being. Ones are friendly to plants and the other called pests. The latter ones do a lot of damage for leaves, stems, roots and other parts of the tree. Cut and processed timber is sensitive to environment effects and to damage of wrecker. In this article we want to introduce you with the major timber pests and give some useful tips how to avoid them, and make your log cabin sturdy and durable. There are many types of pests that destroy the structure of natural material and could change the appearance of your log cabin. Insects, mold and fungi are the main wood attackers, which are distributed very unevenly. Ones occur in dry and the others in wetter areas (near the water bodies or places with ... (More)
  • Log House Accessories to Increase Décor and Functionality

    Log house is a complete structure in itself, with all the facets of a conventional home. They look extremely catchy and appealing and once installed are in ready to use. But, similar to how you need some accessories and products to increase the beauty and comfort of your fully built brick and mortar house, for log cabins also some accessories are extremely important and are must have in every house. Here we will be discussing about some accessories that you can use to increase beauty and durability of log house, in addition to increase utility and for great space management. Treatment: Residential log cabin treatment is vital and can’t be overlooked. It is not only required to prevent rot but also for number of other things. It is done to prevent discoloration of the timber, warping a... (More)
  • Ideal For Home and Work - Insulated Log Cabins

    Wood is extremely popular as a construction material, not only it looks rich and classy, but it has some really great qualities like insulation, thermal durability etc. Additionally, wood is easily available, ease in construction and affordable. Generally, people think that wood deteriorates, but it happens only when proper treatment is not offered, but when given the proper treatment and construction design, wood can easily survive even in harsh environments like Siberia and Northern Scandinavia. In these kinds of places one of the surviving types of living structure is the log cabins. Insulated log cabins are the popular choice of people living in areas where the climate can be really unpredictable. This is particularly true for those people living in UK. Aesthetic beauty, durability an... (More)

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