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  • Staining a Log Home

    Log homes were once a necessity, but now they have become a beautiful tradition. While many people are building log homes for vacationing in the mountains, others are doing this in order to live in on a permanent basis. Regardless of the reasoning, these old time structures lend a rustic magnificence to any piece of land. There are several steps to take to ensure that a log home lasts for generations. One of the most important of these steps is the process of staining it. Firstly, it is best to ask some questions and do some research on the various stain manufacturers. The options are numerous and quality is essential. The colour options for stain extend far beyond brown with choices including natural wood tones such as tans, smokes, and reds. There are also more adventurous colours of st... (More)
  • 5 Tips for Maintaining Wooden Garage Door

    Maintaining the beauty and usefulness of your wooden garage door requires you to provide it with a little TLC through regular maintenance. Wood that is exposed to the sun and changes in the weather can begin to deteriorate and potentially break if it isn’t properly maintained. If you have invested in a beautiful wooden garage door, then I’m sure you want to help to keep it looking like it did when you first installed it. Below you will find 5 Tips for maintaining your wooden garage door so it will serve you proudly for many years to come.    1  Maintaining The Garage Door Opener on A Regular Basis Maintaining your wooden garage door means making sure that your garage door opener is working properly. If the garage door opener is not properly maintained, it may break or not operate c... (More)

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