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  • Insulating A Log House

    Today, ecological materials are coming back, not only into our lives but also into modern building processes as well. More and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and to live in eco-friendly houses. Over the last years the demand for log house and timber frame buildings has increased significantly and today more consumers choose to live in a house which is built of logs. Some of the main benefits of a log house are its simple and fast building process, inexpensiveness, and ecology because log houses are made from renewable resources only. There are many people who choose not to insulate their houses in order to maintain the natural log look inside and outside of the house. Nevertheless, in order to keep your log house warm in winter and cool during the summer, thermal i... (More)
  • Log Cabin Decorating

    The internal decoration of a log cabin starts in conjunction with the construction of the log cabin. Logs are often used both for internal and external decoration, so basically wooden houses don’t require additional finishing. Of course, you can use a whole range of modern finishing materials, such as polyvinyl chloride, upholstery, wallpaper, paint, tiles, and so on. However, in this case your log home will lose its uniqueness and connection with nature. The biggest advantage of a log home is its natural wood in the interior which brings cosiness and warmth. So, modern decorative material should be used more for the modern town houses as they emphasise more of an urban feel to the interior. Modern finishing materials should be used only in some corners of the house or in the functional... (More)
  • The Maintenance and Renovation of A Wooden House

    Wooden architecture is cosy and environmentally friendly, but unlike brick architecture – it can sometimes be fragile, vulnerable and constantly changing. In order for it to stand for as long as possible, a wooden house or log cabins requires regular maintenance and individual parts need to be renewed. If small damages are detected and removed early, it is possible to avoid more extensive damage and radical changes, which will save the house from requiring significant investment. The most important conditions to ensure the longevity of the house are a high-quality foundation, a good roof, and good drainage facilities. The biggest threat to the wooden houses and log cabins is long-term humidity along with the precipitation that could fall on/into the building through a leaking roof or g... (More)
  • Family from Wales Builds “Hobbit house”

    Simon Dale was a man who was fed up with huge mortgage payments and decided to take things into his own hands. So, he took a chisel, a hammer, a chainsaw and moved to a hillside in Wales and began to build. He was convinced that the house would not cost more than a half of the family’s income. The result of four months’ work was a wooden, environmentally friendly house (like log cabin, timber house or other wooden structure) which cost only £3,000. Everybody who saw this house said that it looks just like one of the Hobbit houses from The Lord of the Rings. Mr Dale, who had no previous experience in carpentry, managed to build a sustainable home for his family using scrap wood for floors, and materials scavenged from skips. While Simon was building a house, his wife Jasmine Saville ... (More)

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