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  • How to Ensure The Quality of Log Homes

    Lithuania is The First European Union Country to Implement A Unified Log Home Standard This standard regulates the quality of log homes, defines their manufacturing, along with all aspects of construction. According to the representatives of the wooden house manufacturers association, in taking these steps Lithuania has shown an example for other countries to follow. For example, log home manufacturers in Estonia have already contacted the association regarding advice in the drafting of relevant standards because they are also facing the same problems pertaining to the quality of log homes. Companies in Western European countries are also interested in the standards because these companies outsource wooden beams from Lithuania and other Baltic countries. Companies that comply with the lo... (More)
  • Log Homes Alternative: A Prefabricated Modular House

    A prefabricated modular house is a house built from wooden panels which are made in the factory and assembled on the site of the construction. Modular houses differ from log homes in a number of ways. Prefabricated modular houses’ panels are made at the factory and installed on-site. The construction of the modular house consists of a wooden frame, panels, insulation materials and decoration. The inside of the timber frame is filled with stone or glass wool. This multi-component construction ensures that the panels retain good thermal properties. Prefabricated modular homes are one of the most popular types of construction. These houses are cost effective and environmentally friendly with the related building costs being much lower compared to the costs of brick houses. This type of b... (More)

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