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  • Wooden Houses: For Rest and Relaxation

    Image source: For many people nature and the outdoors are associated with rest and relaxation. For this reason, both in summer and at the colder times of the year, many people head for the countryside looking for new spaces and fresh air. For those who do take comfort in nature, a wooden house is very often the best option. Wooden houses can be a person’s permanent living space or just the perfect place to relax and spend one’s leisure time. The companies that produce log cabins note that there are many different applications for wooden houses and they need to be maintained in different ways. Quite often wooden houses can be a substitute for a residence in the garden – this could be a small log cabin equipped according to the person’s preferences and expec... (More)
  • Wooden Houses: Multilayer Beams

    Image source: Today buildings constructed of engineered wood beams are becoming more popular. Modern wood gluing technology allows for the use of engineered wood for many elements in the production of wooden houses. These multilayer wooden beams can be used in the construction of walls, rafters, and ceiling beams. In glued wood technology, a log only constitutes a raw material in order to produce engineered wood. It is also worth noting that engineered wood is a better building material than hand-planed or processed timber. The use of engineered glued wood is significantly broader than that of simple timber. First of all, engineered wood provides the ability to create a greater variety of architectural designs and combine wood with glass, masonry blocks, and frame... (More)
  • Common Mistakes in The Construction of A Log House

    Image source: The average log houses buyer has tended to focus on the log house price through the recent economic downturn, but often they haven’t thought about how the house will look in 2 or 3 years time. The relative quality of log houses may be affected not only by the failure to comply with quality standards, but also through the lack of basic technological knowledge. Experts at the Wooden Houses Manufacturers Association, point to the most common mistakes in the construction of log homes. 1. Incorrect joining of the logs. In some cases, the joint where the logs intersect (longitudinal groove shape) is irregular in shape. According to the Wooden Houses Manufacturers Association’s quality requirements, the width of the joint cannot be less than half the thickness ... (More)
  • The Key Features of Wooden Houses

    Image source: In today’s rapidly changing world ecological building materials are coming back into the modern building processes. More and more people are choosing to build a house using wooden materials and logs every year, and there are a few specific reasons for this. Firstly, living in a wooden house is the best experience for those who want to live in a durable, environmentally friendly, warm, and beautiful house. Wooden houses have now become modern, prestigious, and unique homes for everybody. Wood, as the basic building material, has been used ever since humans began to build houses for themselves. Moreover, wood is a sturdy and reliable building material so an adequately constructed and looked after wooden house can stand for a very long time. There are lots of l... (More)

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