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  • Timber Frame Homes (Part 2)

    Steps for timber frame homes installation. The  timber frame up to the roof consists of 3 parts: the bottom beams which go along the length, the edge and centre uprights, and the upper frame. After the walls have been erected, it is time to proceed with the construction of the roof. Rubber insulation material is then placed between the base and the bottom beams, which serves as hydro insulation and ensures that the construction is sealed. Then the bottom beams are screwed to the base; calibrated timber will work best for the frames. The next step is to lay out   timber frame elements; they should be positioned at least 60cm away from each other. Thicker beams are installed in the corners of the construction and the frame material is attached by nails or screws. Next, the upper frame i... (More)
  • Timber Frame Homes (Part 1)

    Traditionally, a warm and long-lasting house is associated with a brick house. However, thanks to modern building materials and innovative technologies, frame cabins/houses can now be considered as the equivalent substitute of a brick house. Timber frame homes with OSB shields, which are popular in North America and Scandinavia and which feature good thermo-insulation qualities have gradually gained popularity throughout the country. Please find below some tips on the building of timber frame buildings. The Main Features of Wood-Frame Structures Frame cabins and frame cabins with OSB shields feature similar qualities and the final result is more or less the same. The main difference lies in the building process ‒ the parts of the timber frame home with OSB shields are prefabricated in ... (More)

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