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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Log Houses

    Are you thinking about purchasing a new living space? Would you like to build a cosy, modern, warm house which wouldn’t cost a fortune? Then you need to think about a log house. Our modern life and everyday stress sometimes encourages us to look back to our ancestors who lived in log cabins, and to talk about long living old men and women who did not suffer from asthma and allergies. In many European countries, particularly Scandinavian ones, 80%-90% of houses are wooden. Nowadays, in Norway, wooden kindergartens are becoming more and more popular and in Western Europe a log house is associated with prestige, ecology, a healthy way of life, and is considered to be a cost-effective and stable structure. Germans, Danes and French all tend to build houses from profiled machine processed... (More)
  • The Most Popular Myths About Log Cabins

       1.  A Log Cabin Is A House to Spend a Holiday or A Weekend A wooden building, in fact, can be used as a permanent living space like any cottage, flat or a house made of bricks. Wooden log cabins can also be a very well-equipped, safe, warm and  cozy  place of living; the main difference is the material it is made out of.    2.  Log Cabins Are Likely to Burn Down Though, given the right conditions, timber can be flammable, as a rule it is treated with non-combustible materials, while (God forbid) if somebody decides to burn your house down, it will make be no difference if it is a wooden or a brick house.    3.  A Wooden House Will Not Last for Long Forget about old log cabins. Today, in the days of advanced modern technologies, your wooden house could serve you for 100-200 ... (More)
  • Information You Need to Know About Wooden Gazebo

    Wooden gazebo is a feature which fits perfectly with any garden environment, moreover, it adds a touch of harmony to it – a garden can look unfinished without this feature. Gazebos can be made from a wide range of materials such as bricks, forged metal, logs etc; however, a   wooden   gazebo is often the most popular alternative. As a rule, gazebos are positioned in the place where plants and flowers are most abundant. Possibly the most ideal place for a gazebo is one shielded from the wind by a hill slope or by a row of trees, while a playground or a small water pool can be made nearby. Wooden gazebo could be surrounded by a conifer garden or a rock garden, a rose garden, fruit trees or wild plants. For this purpose special green zones have been created: beds with evergreen plant... (More)
  • How to Choose The Right Place to Erect Your Log Cabin

    Increasingly nowadays people are getting tired of busy metropolitan city life and are deciding to erect a log cabin kit to spend their weekends, holidays or even to use it all year round as a permanent residence. Some people choose to locate their log cabin in the garden, others - on a certain piece of land or on a land plot. If you do not have a plot yet, it is important to take into account the installation of public services and how convenient access will be when choosing one. The plot should be in a dry and sloping place, it is recommended that river and lake valleys and very damp places are avoided. When checking the suitability of the site, the ground water level should be taken into account: it should be at least 1 metre from the ground surface in the wet season (in autumn and spri... (More)

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