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  • Log Cabin Finish

    Image source: One of the main advantages of  wooden log cabins is that they do not require any special finish on the outside or on the inside. The natural timber texture serves as a perfect decoration for this. As the timber used in the manufacturing process is a natural material, a log cabin made from timber 'breathes', eliminating the issue of a feeling of suffocating or dry air in it. Once such a structure has been assembled, it is necessary to paint it and treat it with wood preserver. Timber coated with wood preserver and then painted not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also ensures that the timber is resistant to moisture, rot, insects and fungus. So, it is important you choose a quality wood preserver and paint for your  log cabin, especially the outside, and it ... (More)
  • About Wooden Log Cabins

    Image source: Woodenlog cabins usually catch one's eye thanks to their low price, quick and easy installation, simple construction and the fact that they can be easily erected and do not require planning permission or if for some reason they do, it is not that difficult to get. Log Cabins' Features  Log cabins are very versatile constructions which can be used as a sauna, a residential cabin or guest accommodation, a garden office, gym or a place to store equipment and tools. One of the major advantages of such buildings is the fact that you will either not need planning permission at all or if it is necessary, the procedure of applying for planning permission will be simplified and won’t take long. According to general planning permission requirements, if the building is u... (More)
  • The Heating System in A Residential Log Cabin / Garden Office

    Image source: As it is getting colder and colder outside, we’ve decided in this article to talk about heating. However, here we don’t intend to write about how to heat the house in the most cost effective way, instead we'll focus on how to heat your  residential log cabin or garden office in order to make it cozy and warm all year around; in particular, we'll focus on electric heating systems. Electric heating is usually chosen for its reliability. It can function as the main heating source or as an additional one. The systems which employ electrical energy are not usually complicated and rarely break down. This type of heating can be easily programmed and adjusted. The Advantages of Electric Heating. Electric heaters do not emit smoke around the house and the surroundin... (More)
  • 13 Ideas of An Original Night Table for A Log Cabin

    Image source: There is a common view that a night table is supposed to come together with the bed and to match the style of log cabin's iner. However, designers claim that it is absolutely OK to purchase a night table after the bedroom was furnished as you can add some stylish touch to your room. 1. One of the possible solutions to add some mild oval forms to the bedroom in which geometric lines prevail, would be to have a night table made from irregular oval shapes. Besides, oval forms come side by side with Feng Shui philosophy, which advises to avoid corner constructions by the bed and to prioritise oval shape furniture. Besides, furniture placed by the bed should not be higher than the bed itself, in order not to obstruct life energy from spreading freely. 2. If your log ... (More)

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