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  • 5 Ways to Prepare Your Wooden House for Winter

    As winter approaches frozen guttering, a thick layer of snow on the roof or large hanging icicles can become a reason for concern. Below you can find a few tips which will help you avoid the many problems and expenses that are all related with the winter period in a wooden house.    1.  Insulate Water Pipes It is highly recommend that all cellars, garages and other non-heated rooms in which a water pipe system is installed are inspected thoroughly ‒ there could be broken windows, gaps in the walls, doors or shutters which cannot be properly closed. Exposed water pipes in non-heated rooms should be insulated with insulation material. However, insulation material is not always helpful, sometimes it’s a good idea to attach heating cables to the water pipes.    2.  Adjust Plastic Wi... (More)
  • How to Prepare Your Garden Cabin for the Winter Period

    Timber is a natural material which is sensitive to atmospheric changes. The autumn and winter periods can be the most harmful for any garden cabin wooden construction. The influence of rain, snow, frost and strong sun all affect timber and can damage its structure, shape and exterior look. Melting snow and ice can get into the interior structure of timber. The water freezes again quickly (sometimes within 24 hours), which contributes to the widening of the cracks inside and outside of the timber. This process constantly repeats during the whole period of winter thereby negatively affecting all aspects of the timber and also providing good conditions for mould and rot to emerge. How to Protect Your Garden Cabin? It all starts from the proper preparation of the base of the wood. First of al... (More)

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