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  • Plants of A Log Cabin Garden: Shaping, Cutting and Trimming

    The cutting of garden plants into different shapes or the so-called ‘ornamental gardening’ has been known since Ancient Greek and Roman times. Historians believe that the art of cutting garden plants into different shapes had come to Rome from Ancient Greece and Egypt. Today such gardening has become very popular between log cabin owners. The plants that are most suitable to be cut in shapes include the yew, cherry laurel, the ilex tree and the cypress. The first question which arises is how to make the shape? If you intend to make a round ball shape cutting, it is highly recommended to invest in some quality shears. Before making a ball, you need to make a wooden frame which will allow you to make a cube first. First, draw a square on the ground around the plant, then place bamboo ... (More)
  • Log Cabins Wooden Flooring: How to Wax, Varnish and Coat with Oil

    A wooden floor is one of the most popular types of floor. Such floor is natural and easy to take care of. Once they have been varnished or oiled, they will serve you for many years to come. What Type of Floor Covering to Use – Varnish, Oil or Wax? All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Wax tends to be used less and less nowadays as it requires a special technique. Besides, it tends to collect dirt and as a result waxed floors need to be restored frequently. Nowadays, wax has been incorporated into oil products. This is applied by roller and no special machine is required. Moreover, for some modern floors wax would cause more harm than benefit. An oiled log cabins floor requires more intense care than a varnished floor. When absorbed by the wood, oil increases the ... (More)
  • A Well Near the Garden Cabin: The Most Important Aspects

    Every owner of a garden cabin wish to grow something (cucumbers, tomatos, herbs and alike). Probably everybody knows that it is hard to grow good vegetables in the garden if there is not enough water supply. So, what can you do if it is a long way to the nearest pond and you don’t have a centralised water supply close at hand? There is a solution and one that it is quite easy to come by. The answer in this situation is to install a well. According to their construction type, wells can be classified into boreholes, tubular wells and traditional wells dug by hand. Before proceeding with a well installation, it is very important to find a site near the garden cabin where the water comes closest to the surface. This can be done in several ways. In order to find such a site, some people have... (More)
  • Log Cabin Exterior: Make Your Own Hanging Gardens

    Hanging gardens offer for your wooden log cabin is a great opportunity to use your vertical house space to grow flowers, vegetables and spices. These kinds of gardens will not only allow you to save money but will also enable you to divide up your house space in a modern and stylish way, in addition, you’ll also gain some privacy if you need it. Material Necessary:    *  1-8 pieces of white rain guttering, cut into separate parts    *  6 white rain guttering covers    *  a steel rope/cable    *  6 holders    *  6 steel rods    *  2 zinc hooks    *  soil and plants Tools:    *  drill    *  saw    *  T form ruler    *  tape measure    *  marker    *  eye protector Steps to Follow:    1  Determine where the centre of the rain gutterin... (More)

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