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  • A Wooden Fence for A Log Cabin: How to Paint, to Repaint and Take Care of It

    ‘Painting a fence can be quite an interesting activity’, is what Tom Sawyer, the character of Mark Twain’s novel would have said. A nicely painted fence is pleasant to look at for both the homeowner and his neighbours. It also gives more beauty to the log cabin surroundings. However, paint is not only for aesthetic purposes, it also protects the wood from colour changes as the fence can become grey and covered by moss under the impact of the atmosphere. After some time the timber may crack, some splits appear and the paint may fade and come off. So, it is recommended that the fence is repainted every 5-6 years. When choosing the paint it is also advisable to pay close attention to the type paint i.e. is it waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays? Also make sure the paint in not... (More)
  • Some Ideas for Original Bookshelves

    Do you like reading books, but they don’t fit to the shelves? You’ll have to purchase a new one. Or to make one by yourself. The are no limits for your fantasy – may be you’ll like one of our variants. Shelves can be made in the wall niches. Advantages - they are already there and you do not need to create anything new. Disadvantages - you cannot move them to another place. However, the shelves can become one of the most interesting log house interior decoration, which can mingle with the room environment or stand out with its original design and shape. Such shelves can be mounted not only in the room corner, but also adjusted at different height. A simple shelf but looks original indeed. Another variant of "waving shelves". An interesting multiple-partition structure provides an... (More)
  • An Original Floor Idea for Your Log Cabin

    Log cabin interior perhaps is the most interesting part of log cabin installation. Interior finishing requires just a little bit of your imagination. We all know, that wood is the main material used here, but how to create original surroundings? Our advice is to concentrate into one detail - ceiling, walls, windows, doors or flooring. Every such a part of a log cabin can become the most beautiful accent. But we will talk about the floor and share the ideas with you in this article. Flooring is one of the most important elements of the house interior. If they are simple and unprepossessing - we only walk them. Then we are not really thinking that flooring can be a stylish log home interior component giving beauty, coziness and warmth. Different interior experts unanimously agree that wood... (More)

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