15 Most Beautiful Types of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are great flowers to have in your backyard when the hot months start. Their yellow and vibrant petals match the sun’s rays, and they create quite an aesthetic that is sure to catch the eyes of your guests and neighbors. These plants are quite popular, and with more than 70 species to choose from, making a choice can be quite overwhelming. However, with these 15 most beautiful types of sunflowers, you will have an easy time making the right choice for your garden. Here goes:

Tall Types

Sunflowers feature tall, healthy and rough stems, and they can thus reach heights of several feet, which is something that you should consider when planting them indoors. Also, the taller the plant, the more responsibility that you will have in regards to maintenance. Here are the best options in this category:


This variety gets its name from its height, and it can reach as many as twelve feet when duly mature. It is thus an ideal option for anyone to whom height is not an issue. These flowers have very thick stalks, and the petals can be as long as fourteen inches, which is sure to increase the appeal of your garden.

Sunforest Mix

These plants can be as tall as fifteen feet when grown in the right conditions, and their petals can be as wide as forty inches. If you wish to see them develop to their full potential, ensure that you leave a spacing of three feet between the plants to reduce competition for nutrients.

American Giant

These plants grow to a height of fifteen feet, and it is therefore necessary to designate a space for them to allow them enough room. They can reach widths of a foot, hence their name.

Russian Mammoth

If you have a show coming up or you wish to grow a large plant with minimal effort, this is the way to go. These plants can reach heights of up to twelve feet, and they do well in temperate regions. If you wish, you can start them in early April as they will do well throughout the subsequent stages.

Schweinitz’s Sunflower

This flower gets its name from the botanist who discovered it two centuries ago and it can grow to heights of sixteen feet when provided with the ideal conditions. However, its average size is six feet.

Dwarf Types

These varieties are the result of several hybrid attempts, and they are suitable for people with limited spaces. They grow to heights of about three feet, and you can space them three inches apart without affecting their nutrient uptake. They have the same requirements as their tall counterparts. Here are some of the best options in this regard:

Sundance Kid

This dwarf type was among the first such kinds to come onto the market, and it grows to heights of about one to two feet, making it ideal for small spaces. It features red and yellow petals which make it quite attractive and useful on many occasions, including graduations and parties.

Little Becka

The interesting thing about this flower is the lack of pollen. Like the one above, it grows to heights of one to two feet and is also bi-colored in that it features both orange and yellow shades. It works great for gardens as it is quite aesthetically appealing owing to the mix in hues.


This type is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to grow beautiful flowers indoors as it takes up a maximum of two feet in height. In most cases, you will find that the stalk is about twelve inches tall, with multiple heads per plant for a beautiful appearance.

Suntastic Yellow

These plants seldom grow to heights that are higher than twelve inches and are therefore an excellent choice for anyone saving on space. Regarding appearance, they are quite breathtaking with their golden petals, which are sure to make a difference in bouquets. Plant them in bunches of about five if you wish to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Sunny Smile

These plants reach their peak towards the end of summer, and they grow to heights of fifteen inches, which makes them great for small gardens and indoor planting. They are easy to grow and maintain, and you can have your kids lend a hand in the process as they are not very delicate.

Colored Sunflowers

Sunflowers are beautiful owing to their bold yellow color. Now picture them with a splash of color and think of how much that would make a difference in bouquets. Well, you don’t have to imagine it as there are many fantastic options with a dash of yellow infused with another hue for the perfect blend. Here goes:


For most colored types, you will find that red and yellow are the dominant types. However, with this variety there is a brown hue on the petals, which makes it ideal for autumn displays as well as other bouquets which need a variation in the appearance.


These plants can grow to a height of nine feet, which makes them ideal for anyone looking to create an eye-catching display in the garden. They feature gold, red and brown hues which blend in with ease.

Ms. Mars

These flowers range in hues from pink to purple with yellow tips, and the stalks can reach heights of two feet. If you want to create interesting borders, here is an easy way to do so.


This flower is quite different from the sunflowers that you would find in most gardens as it features a dark red color, which makes them ideal for use in statement gardens. You can create quite the twist with this flower.

Moulin Rouge

The burgundy appearance of this flower makes it ideal for use in presentations. You can also work it into your home, décor for an appealing finish.

With these 15 most beautiful types of sunflowers, you are sure to find something that works for your needs. The best of luck!

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