10 Vegetables that Need to be Grown in a Greenhouse

A garden is one of the most productive features of your property. You can go for a conventional garden or a greenhouse that would absolutely transform your home outdoors into something remarkable and magical, especially for those with green fingers. Greenhouses were originally and strictly for commercial growing but not anymore. Nowadays, these structures are oftentimes becoming increasingly popular, in particular for home gardeners.

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Greenhouses in a Home Garden

Why would you need a greenhouse in your home garden in the first place? First, these building structures help you grow your own vegetables and enjoy them without any restrictions of the season or outdoor conditions. You can extend your growing period or season by weeks or months than traditional gardening does. Second, there are vegetables that are perfect for your garden, which perform and grow better in an environment that a greenhouse could provide more than anywhere else could.

Greenhouses provide protection from the natural elements of the outdoors, such as the cold and frost during winter or the cooler months. These building structures offer the best environment that is free from pests which could plague average or conventional outdoor gardens. Take note that the best options for greenhouse gardening are vegetable seeds that are specially developed for such an environment.

Top Vegetables for a Log Cabin Garden

The best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse could vary from one case to another. There are varieties that may grow outdoors better than in a greenhouse environment. The main reason for this is that most vegetables are competing for sunlight, while other plants could overshadow them in the process. Vegetables are safer from some insects and birds, while plants need protection from such elements that are detrimental to them.

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Here are the top 10 vegetables for log home gardens with greenhouses:

   1 Peppers

Almost every pepper variety would grow well in special environments such as in a greenhouse. You have numerous options to choose from including jalapenos and sweet bells. Peppers minimize the container size and would need night temperatures in order for their pollen to develop. The ideal temperature for pepper to grow and thrive is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

   2 Root Vegetables

Choose from a wide range of root vegetables such as carrots, which you can grow and produce even in a relatively small space. These vegetables also need to be thinned once they grow, allowing them to access enough root space and depth. Carrots tolerate cooler temperatures as well, thus deeper root space is ideal for them. Whether the greenhouse environment is heated or unheated, it gives them warmth for growth. Potatoes are root vegetables that also grow best in a greenhouse near your home. You can plant potatoes even during winter, giving you a mid spring harvest. Other root vegetables for your greenhouse include beets, which you can grow all year round in a controlled environment.

   3 Tomatoes

A hothouse is an ideal space where you can plant and grow tomatoes, but you need to know which variety is best in such an environment. Go for varieties that grow well upright instead of the bushier types. Space is at a premium in a greenhouse and bush type tomatoes take up a great deal of space.

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   4 Sweetcorn

You can grow sweetcorn in your garden particularly in a hothouse environment and enjoy the delicious vegetable that is best when eaten fresh. One of the best options for this situation is mini sweetcorn rather than the large varieties. You do not need to grow the miniature versions in blocks and it is easy to get five or six cobs from every plant. Moreover, you can opt for a traditional outdoor gardening where the plants could serve as useful windbreakers.

   5 Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts from the Belgian region are now available to grow and harvest around the world. It is an ideal stalwart for winter vegetables, thriving in cool temperature climates. The vegetables taste so much better when you harvest them after being frosted from the garden than buying them from the shop. Thus, planting and growing Brussels sprouts is a wise option for greenhouse gardening.

   6 Lettuce

The right variety of lettuce is easy to grow in a greenhouse almost all year round. Some of the different varieties of this vegetable differ in terms of flavour, texture, and colour. The two main types of lettuce are loose-leaf and hearting, where the former has open leaves with no heart, while the latter has a dense centre. You can grow the salad leaves and pick them best while they are tender and young.

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   7 Squash

You will surely love squash for your home garden or greenhouse since this vegetable comes in different shapes and sizes. Winter squashes such as butternut squash and pumpkins are ideal for the season or cooler months, while yellow crookneck, scallop, and yellow straight neck varieties are for summer. Squash seeds are relatively easy to plant and grow even for beginners.

   8 Peas

Peas have different varieties that grow best in a greenhouse environment. Enjoy the sweet delicious flavour of peas that have been freshly picked from your log house  garden. Dwarf pea varieties do not really need much support while the easiest varieties to grow are sugar snap and mangetout.

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   9 Cucumbers

You can grow cucumbers in grow bags, the ground, or pots. Home grown cucumbers come in a wide variety depending on how you grow them indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cucumbers are best to grow in late May when you sow them into the soil directly.

   10 Calabrese

This easy to grow crop is also the fastest vegetable you can grow in your garden. Calabrese also comes in different terms such as green sprouting, Italian, or American broccoli. They can grow up to two feet or 60cm tall with a bluish-green head that grows up to six inches or 15cm in diameter. You can grow this crop in the greenhouse and harvest them in autumn or summer, depending on when you sow them during the year.

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