10 Tips For Creating A Comfortable Bathroom

What does your bathroom say about you? You may not know this but a bathroom accounts for a significant percentage of your home’s design? All the rooms could be top-notch but if the bathroom is not comfortable, inviting and elegant, you lose a lot of marks. So how then can you ensure that you are winning on all fronts? Well, here are some ideas that work in log homes and traditional houses alike:

1. Choose A Presentable Layout

With layouts, it is all about space. You could find that your bathroom is too small to accommodate an extensive plan. All you need to do is work with what you have. For a family bathroom, you need a bath and a shower to add to the variety. You could also separate the bathroom from the water closet to add to the privacy of the room. Where you do not have much space, you can combine the bathroom, laundry, and the water closet. Ensure that you only include what can fit to avoid having a cramped space.

2. Consider The Vanity

Here, the focus should be on the focal points in the room, as well as your needs. For example, if you have tons of storage needs, it would serve you to have large drawers. If many people use the room, why not have two basins? Think of how you will use the space, as the last thing you want is a beautiful room with limited functionality. That includes mirrors and other fittings in the space.

3.Use Wall Tiles

You already have a design in mind. All that matters at this point is adding things that complement each other. Thus, when choosing tiles for the walls, decide on how far they should reach. Most people go for one metre, but you can go higher or lower as you see fit. Also, the colour, size, and finish should match your design. Otherwise, they will look out of place, interfering with the flow. With log home kits, the focus is on the transition.

4. Select A Shower Base

Gone are the days when options were few and you had to make a selection based on what was available. Now, there are many options on the market which are open to customisation. Polymarble shower bases are the norm as they have been around for decades on end. If you want something you can easily clean and one that is attractive, this would be it.

The other option would be tiled base, which is waterproof and durable. The last option is a shower over the bath, which works for people who lack a lot of space. The first two options work for large and medium spaces. Thus, choose accordingly.

5. Decide On A Shower Screen

Now, this will depend on how much space you have available. Where you have only a little space, you want to ensure that the focus is not on how small the room is. In this case, you could go for no screen or a single screen. With ample space, you have the option of going semi-frameless, using one screen, or going fully frameless. Alternatively, you could do without the screen, as per your preferences. With a screen, not only does a bathroom feel luxurious, but it also looks great. However, it depends on the space available to you.

6. Pick A Bath 

The type of bath is also an essential factor. You can choose to use the inset option as this allows you to add tiles to the room. With these in place, you can play with the colours as you emphasise the focal points in the room. Alternatively, you can choose a free-standing option, which would serve as a focal point. With this, you can choose from a wide range of finishes, depending on what would work for your room. Also, consider your preferences when making this decision.

7. Fix The Plumbing

Have you thought about how the plumbing fittings affect the design of the bathroom? Well, they have a significant impact on it. Thus, you should select the fittings based on the space and preferences. When doing so, you should pay attention to the colour schemes. Most bathrooms feature silver and gold colours, as these have been around for a long time. However, you can choose another shade for your room, as you see fit.

When choosing a showerhead, you need to have some variety. There is the main one which should ooze elegance and then the hand-held one which comes in handy for flexibility. The fittings should have a matching colour scheme. Or you could choose one shade and run with it.

8. Position The Rails

Have you thought of where you will hang your towels? It may seem like a trivial thing, but it affects how much you enjoy the room. The positioning of the towel rails should be convenient. It could be by the shower door or another such surface. Having the rails far from the shower will prove inconvenient on chilly mornings.

9. Any Extras?

You could have everything considered to be standard in the bathroom, yet it does not live up to your desires. An excellent way to avoid this would be to include everything you have ever wanted in a bathroom. Suppose you want to enjoy a heated floor as opposed to a cold one, have this in place. If you want to have a rack for the soaps and other products, install it. Think of everything you want and find a way to incorporate it. While you are at it, remember to avoid clutter. A bathroom is a haven and having too many things in it will ruin the beauty of this space.

10. Plan For The Future

At present, you may be the only one using the bathroom. But when guests come or you expand your family, this will not be the case. Think of any changes you could make in the present, which would work for the times to come.

With all these factors in mind, you can create a comfortable bathroom with ease. All you need is to consider how each element will affect your comfort. All the best!

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