10 Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Residential Log Cabin

Christmas brings out the best and most creative instincts in people. That’s why pouring out all your creative juices in decorating your residential log cabin is something you look forward to each and every year. Log homes are basically holiday homes, thus a lot of log home owners spend a great deal of their time and resources embellishing and accessorizing their cabin. It’s a fun and exciting thing to do, not to mention exploring your talents in the field of “occasional” interior design.


Top 10 Tips for Fun Residential Log Cabin Decoration

Log homes have that classic rustic and laidback feel to it and it’s the holidays that let you perk up your simple log house with traditional yuletide décors. Check out these Christmas decorative staples that would surely spruce up your seemingly dull house in other times of the year:

   1  Christmas Tree, Of Course!

Yuletide decorations will never be complete without a Christmas tree as the centrepiece of it all. There are different sizes and heights of yuletide trees that would perfectly fit your residential log cabin. In fact, you can have one Christmas tree inside the log home and another outside in your garden to give your home literally an inside and out yuletide spirit. It does not necessarily have to be a pine tree because conical trees and shrubs will do.

   2  Line of Colourful Christmas Stockings

Another staple on the holiday decorating scene is those colourful and vibrant Christmas stocking of all sizes. You can have them lined up on your residential log cabin fireplace, the windows, walls, and anywhere you see fit. Children definitely love Christmas stockings as do even the young at heart. It is a symbol of giving during the holidays and the best place where you can put your gifts to your loved ones. Of course, Santa would love a Christmas stocking to put his gifts in too.


   3  A Flicker of Christmas Lights

Most log home owners would want to sit this one out but what would a residential log cabin be without those colourful flickering lights? Just make sure you buy Christmas lights that pass stringent safety standards so that you stay safe and sound before, during, and after the holidays. Faulty electrical wirings and defective Christmas lights are the usual culprits that start house fires so make sure you don’t risk these types of accidents in your log house. Lights are not just decorative, they also highlight other décor in the area particularly your tree or nativity scene.

   4  Gift Boxes, Empty or Not

Christmas gift boxes have that aesthetic and decorative feel to them. You can stack boxes under the Christmas tree to add to the fun and exciting side of the yuletide season in your residential log cabin. Of course, it would make it more exciting and fun if the boxes have loads of presents and goodies in them.

   5  A Battalion of Santa Figurines

Make the icon of Christmas the centrepiece of your residential log cabin decoration. You can start with your Santa collection and place them all in every nook and corner of your log house. There are different types of Santa figurines such as a dancing Santa, Santa on his sledge and the reindeers, and Santa climbing down the chimney, among many others. You can even have life-size Santa Claus figures outside the cabin, accentuating your landscape for an added boost to your house’s curb appeal.


   6  Nostalgic Christmas with the Nativity Scene

Put a little more solemnity to your residential log cabin decoration with the famous Nativity Scene. You can opt for a smaller version inside the log home, where you can put it as a centrepiece with matching lighting. Having the nativity scene outdoors is another brilliant idea as you can have unlimited space for your characters and the barn scenery. It does match the rustic and natural backdrop of your log house, you know.

   7  Christmas-Themed Dinnerware and Crockery

The Christmas holiday is all about celebration and that means enjoying holiday dinners and get-togethers. Have that coherent decorative approach through making your dinnerware, glassware, crockery, and everything else match the yuletide theme. These offer great display opportunities for your residential log cabin as you also enjoy those delectable holiday meals and sweets.

   8  Red and Ravishing Curtains and Drapes

You can add more style and elegance to your residential log cabin during the yuletide season through putting up drapes and curtains that match the holiday colours. Red, green, and gold are the most popular colours of the season and it surely would not hurt if you decorate those rustic windows occasionally. Moreover, you can add other elements such as log mantels, ready-made wreaths for the doors and lengthy garlands lining up the windows and other areas of the log house.


   9  Winter Sport Décors, Because Why Not?

Is your residential log cabin near the ski slope and mountain? Is your love for winter sports one of the main reasons why you bought a log home in the first place? Then it is high time you wear your passion on your sleeves. You can accessorize your sporting equipment and customize them to match your holiday theme. Spruce them up with clippings of cedar, pieces of pines here and there, and other Christmas ornaments to complete the holiday flair. You can follow a sporty Christmas theme for the entire house or just dedicate a special nook or display for your precious sports gears and collections.

   10  Meet the Inflatables!

This may be a slight detour from the rustic and nature-inspired holiday decorations but inflatable items do have their aesthetic values. There are Disney-themed inflatable décors while others are the basic Christmas objects such a pine trees, gifts, and peppermint candies. These Christmas decorations are also affordable and you can deflate and store them for the following Christmases.


Your residential log cabin will surely look festive and happy with the best Christmas decorations to spruce the place up. Know more Christmas decorating ideas and see which new theme you should try out for the yuletide holiday ahead.

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